The Teachers

Ozzy Ozdemir

Drama Instructor

is the exuberant, enthusiastic innovator of our Speech Bubbles team. Ozzy, with Speech Bubbles since the 2015 ‘School of Rock’ musical production bursts with creative ideas and loves sharing them with his students, both in the studio, in rehearsals and in performance too!

Aslı Akoba

Musıc Instructor

is the creative, calm artiste of our Speech Bubbles team. The 2015 musical production of ‘Grease’ is when Asli first started teaching singing with Speech Bubbles and she is still singing her heart out with her favourite music and songs from our previous productions and is so happy to be preparing to sing with her students again

Sıgana Bebahanı

Dance ınstructor

is the daring, instinctive choreographer of the Speech Bubbles team. She has been creating beautiful dances to melodies since the 2015 Speech Bubbles production of ‘Grease’ and continues to inspire movement with cheer!